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    A Note From Mayra

    Voters in District 34 are realizing we no longer have to beg for scraps from Nancy Pelosi and Filemon Vela.  The incumbent recently retired making this an OPEN seat that we WILL take back!  We are hungry for opportunity and have seen the RGV lean more and more conservative. The America first policies resonate with the Hispanic community and others who live in this district. For over 100 years, the Democrat Party has taken for granted the loyalty and support South Texas has given them for decades. They do nothing to earn our vote or our support. While Representative Filemon Vela has remained comfortably in Nancy Pelosi’s pocket, President Biden has signed a record number of Executive Orders to kill Texas jobs, weaken border security, and remove protection for the unborn. Enough is enough.

    I am ready to fight for South Texans. I am ready to serve and I ask for your vote in the 2022 Republican Primary!


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